About METRONext

METRONext Goals

METRO’s board of directors, led by Chair Carrin Patman, is developing a new plan for transit services in the Houston region. It will be a forward-looking plan focused on providing more transportation choices to more people.

The Guiding Principles of METRONext:

  • Safety
  • Equity
  • Accessibility
  • Stewardship

The Goals of METRONext:

  • Improve Mobility
  • Enhance Connectivity
  • Support Vibrant Communities
  • Ensure a Return on Investment

proposed goals diagram

To achieve these goals, METRO will:

  • Develop transit improvements that increase speed and reliability to get you where you want to go
  • Improve access by transit to jobs, education, medical and other services
  • Build on the investments that METRO has already made in transit services including the implementation of the New Network and the expansion of the light rail system
  • Improve first and last mile connections to METRORail stations, bus stops and other transit facilities
  • Work with local agencies to improve accessibility to transit stops

Development of METRONext is anticipated to take 18 months. METRO invites you to join in developing a plan for a transit system that best serves the Houston area’s residents, businesses and visitors.

Share your vision. We’re listening.