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METRONext: Vision Plan

METRONext will develop a Regional Transit Plan that will identify major capital investments and other improvements needed for METRO to meet the mobility challenges of the next 20 years. It will serve as both a vision for transit through 2040, as well as an implementable roadmap to achieve that vision.

METRONext builds upon 2003’s METRO Solutions plan, adding to its vision for transit by addressing the Houston region with the necessity of addressing new challenges and needs. It will be developed through a series of technical analyses designed to identify and evaluate capital projects and system-wide improvements that best meet our communities’ goals. METRONext builds upon 2003's METRO Solutions plan, and looks to the future. The draft plan will be presented for public review and comment. The final plan, to be adopted by the METRO Board of Directors, will represent the culmination of the technical and public processes.

Graphic of METRONEXT Vision Map

Second Phase Outreach Efforts

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Recap of First Phase Outreach Efforts

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