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NOTE: During the course of the implementation of METRONext, exact routes of the METRORapid and METRORail connections shown will only be decided and finalized after an extensive community involvement process.


  • METRORail (LRT)

    The expansion of the METRORail Light Rail Transit (LRT) system is designed to serve more people and places. The Red Line will extend northwest to a new multimodal center at the North Shepherd Park & Ride with connections to METRORapid, Regional Express Network, and local bus routes. The Green and Purple lines, combined, will extend to William P. Hobby Airport in the southeast, while to the west of Downtown the lines will be extended to the City of Houston Municipal Courthouse. METRORail projects include:

    • Connecting the Green Line and Purple Line and extending the combined lines to William P. Hobby Airport
    • Extensions of Green and Purple Lines to the City of Houston Municipal Courthouse
    • Extension of Red Line to North Shepherd
  • METRORapid (BRT)

    The METRORapid Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network is designed to provide station-to-station service similar to METRORail, but has the flexibility to accommodate multiple routes. A METRORapid line will provide a direct connection between Downtown and George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Another METRORapid line will provide direct, rapid service between Downtown, Uptown, Northwest Transit Center and the proposed High-Speed Rail terminal. Exclusive lanes could be used for autonomous vehicle transit in the future. METRORapid projects include:

    • Interstate Highway 45 North to George Bush Intercontinental Airport and Greenspoint
    • Inner Katy Corridor to Northwest Transit Center / Proposed High Speed Rail / Uptown
    • University Corridor between Westchase and Tidwell
    • Uptown Corridor extension to Gulfton
    • West Houston Corridor between West Little York Park & Ride and Missouri City

    The Regional Express Network is designed to provide transit trips between job centers and other major destinations throughout the day, seven days a week. It will use two-way HOV lanes providing direct access to existing and new transit centers and Park & Rides. The commuter buses will use improved bus lanes in Downtown and the Texas Medical Center, and provide connections to the METRORail and METRORapid networks. Regional Express projects include:

    • United States Highway 90A Two-Way HOV
    • Interstate Highway 10 West Two-Way HOV
    • Interstate Highway 45 North Two-Way HOV
    • United States Highway 59/Interstate Highway 69 South Two-Way HOV Downtown to Edloe
    • State Highway 249 Two-Way Diamond Lanes/HOV
    • 4 Off-Peak Direction Diamond Lane Corridors

    The BOOST network includes 17 of METRO’s high-ridership, frequent bus routes where speed, reliability and access improvements are designed to enhance the customer experience. Improvements could include bus stop relocation, new shelters and accessibility upgrades, transit signal priority, and real-time passenger information. The Westheimer Signature Bus Service is designed to include infrastructure and service improvements to provide fast transit connections between Downtown, Greenway, Uptown, Westchase, and West Oaks (at State Highway 6). The Signature Service will use a new two-way HOV facility on United States Highway 59/Interstate Highway 69 South between Midtown and Edloe Street.

    • 17 Corridors
    • Westheimer Signature Bus Service
    • Approximately 21 new or improved Park & Rides, and Transit centers
    • Approximately 10 new Community Connectors / circulators
    • Systemwide route improvements
    • Bus stop enhancements, such as new shelters, accessibility upgrades, and enhanced passenger information
    • Bus Operating Facility
    • Downtown, Midtown, and Texas Medical Center transit improvements
    • Park & Ride service enhancements
    • Accessibility and usability improvements and other investments designed to reduce barriers for seniors, the disabled and other users of METRO’s transit system (First Mile/Last Mile)
    • Safety and security enhancements

NOTE: During the course of the implementation of METRONext, exact routes of the METRORapid and METRORail connections shown will only be decided and finalized after an extensive community involvement process.